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Storipur… yeah, you heard it right! Just like Jodhpur, Tiruppur, Manipur…our little land of stories is called Storipur.

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A Mother's Day special storytelling session at Kahaani Box- 14/05- this Saturday. For registrations, call 9900838500.

About Priya Muthukumar

Priya always dreamt of flying on her own magic carpet. And yes today, she flies to different lands with different people on her story-carpet! Whenever she comes across an interesting story, she has to share it…aha.. that’s the story of this storyteller! A pharmacist by qualification, she truly believes in the power of stories & storytelling. Having worked in different streams like – being a marketing personnel in pharamaceutical companies, a news reader in a news channel, an airline staff in the airport, a teacher/ facilitator in a school (ya ..many things!)..she believes that being a storyteller gives her the greatest joy! For almost 8+ years Priya has been telling stories across age-groups as a professional/ performance-storyteller. She has told stories in schools, colleges, museums, parks, railway stations, corporate offices, libraries, book-stores, at literature festivals etc. across the country. She is a translator and has translated around 12 books to Tamil for Pratham Books. She writes ‘sustainability stories’ for magazines and a few are up on Down To Earth magazine. She believes in Michael Margolis’s words that if one needs to know about the culture, one needs to listen to the stories & if one needs to change the culture, then the stories told too need to change.

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